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Privacy Policy

The simple version

We don't collect any personal data unless you explicitly give it to us.
If you don't give us your data, we don't collect it.
If we don't collect your data, we don't store it.

We do use a few cookies that we store in your browser to help make the ClimateView experience better for you - you can find out all about what and why in the section on cookies below. We also enjoy organic chocolate-chip cookies.

The detailed version

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") explains the information collection, use, and sharing practices of ClimateView.
Unless otherwise noted on a particular website or service hosted by ClimateView, this Policy describes and governs the information collection, use, and sharing practices of ClimateView with respect to your use of our websites that link to this Privacy Policy, specifically but not limited to: https://app.climateview.global, and the services we provide through this website and/or host on our servers (collectively the services available through them are referred to as the "Service").

Before you use or submit any information through or in connection with the Service, please carefully review this Privacy Policy. By using any part of the Service, you understand that your information will be collected, used, and disclosed as outlined in this Privacy Policy. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SERVICES.


A cookie is a small text file that the website you visit sends to your computer. The Service uses cookies to store your settings, so we know e.g. if you have already read the onboard information or not.

Some cookies we need to store regardless of your consent - these we categorise as Necessary cookies. Some cookies we need to store in order to remember choices you have made about how you want the Service to behave - these we call Preferences cookies. And finally the remaining cookies we use are for collecting statistics - consequently termed Statistics cookies.

You may give your consent to storing preferences and statistics cookies - but necessary cookies are those that we need to store in order to provide the Service and they are not dependent on your consent. These cookies fall under the EU definition of "cookies that do not require consent".

We do not store any personal information in the cookie.

The following table shows exactly which cookies we use and how we categorise them.





Google Analytics - anonymous usage statistics for product improvement



Google Analytics - anonymous usage statistics for product improvement



Google Analytics - anonymous usage statistics for product improvement


Third Parties

In certain situations we may share your data with third parties.

Currently there are three situations:
- Your IP-address is visible to Microsoft's Azure service required for hosting so that we can make the Service available to you.
- De-identified / anonymized information is shared with Google's Analytics service so that we can collect statistical data about how the Service is used.
- If you submit a Feedback form to us, then we will share your feedback and any information you provide with the owner's of the data you are giving feedback on (e.g. the Swedish Climate Policy Council).


If you have any questions or queries regarding this privacy policy - if anything is unclear - please send us an email at privacy@climateview.global


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